Small Businesses

Designing and implementing marketing campaigns are the hallmark of RayZo, Inc. We bring years of experience to small businesses who are seeking to extend their brand, launch new  products, or build awareness of their services.  In today’s markets, with so many options to choose from, we have successfully created low-cost marketing programs that distinguish a small business from its competitors.


We will serve as Marketing and Brand Manager and will oversee the marketing functions of a small business. Many business owners do not have the time to coordinate their marketing campaigns. RayZo will provide consultation and will develop low-cost effective integrated marketing programs.  We are prepared to partner and manage the entire marketing program to assist in the success of the small business.  These services include:

  • Acting as the primary point of contact for internal and external resources working on all marketing related projects
  • Developing and implementing creative marketing campaigns for targeted audiences
  • Creating social media campaigns with use of each platforms advertising tools
  • Developing a marketing plan and managing budgets
  • Providing analysis and recommendations regarding marketing and communications strategies



RayZo has extensive experience in researching and designing marketing campaigns that include successful strategies to gain new customers.

  • RayZo designs brand development campaigns that increase awareness of a product and service
  • We thoroughly understand the process for creating sub-brands for new product launches
  • We design community outreach and public relations strategies to gain new customers or clients



Effective communication involves creating a message that conveys the identity and messaging of the non-profit organization. We provide communication design and copy writing for all types of print collateral and web-based marketing including:

  • Story-telling and designing communications materials associated with the brand development plan such as: Brochures, Newsletters, Newspapers, Letterhead, Logos, Media kits, Promotional kits and Print collateral
  • Designing all communications materials to trademark the image and compliment the brand of the organization
  • Coordinating social media content and advertising messages



We are experts in using all advertising tools available on traditional media and social media channels. We understand the process for managing and providing the appropratitae brand protocols and messaging for all advertising channels. We support our client’s branding goals through

  • Use of traditional advertising outlets such as TV, radio, print, direct mail channels
  • Conceptualizing and providing creatives for each platform
  • Social media advertising
  • Message development
  • Creating key messages and designs to reach target audiences in Spanish and English



We are experts in using all marketing and advertising tools available on social media platforms. This is a cost-effective means to raise awareness of our client’s cause. We are prepared to support our client’s communications goals through

  • Use of all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the suite of Google Apps and AdWord tools
  • Conceptualizing and providing creatives to be used specifically for social media to maximize reach and engagement
  • Integrating social media advertising tools to extend brands
  • Crafting social media policy for use by staff
  • Message development to maximize impressions on all social channels
  • Scheduling to maintain platform relevance and increasing two-way dialogue.
  • Creating key messages in Spanish and English.



RayZo will design branding campaigns for your products or services, by:

  • Creating logos, typography color schemes, and more for your company
  • Serving as brand manager to ensure that all external print collateral and digital creatives communicate a consistent message and brand identity
  • Recommending marketing programs to support the growth of the business
  • Conducting planning sessions to cultivate ideas and implement timely marketing programs
  • Procuring the organization’s promotional materials and marketing collateral



We create publicity plans to increase visibility by providing the following services:

  • Writing and placing news releases
  • Developing relationships with media contacts
  • Organizing press in conjunction with launch events
  • Seeking publicity with trade publications, social media channels, websites, and industry associations
  • Assisting in identifying topics to enhance the brand’s image
  • Pitching stories
  • Tracking press coverage



We design and develop events that will meet the organization’s fundraising needs. Our services range from:

  • Conceptualizing event themes in coordination with branding strategies
  • Procuring event services including: photographer, videographer, audio visual equipment, presentations, or catering services
  • Managing guest relations and registration
  • Organizing invitations and direct mail campaigns
  • Developing database and mailing lists
  • Providing project management to ensure that associated public relations initiatives, direct mail campaigns, and general event logistics are completed and conform to budgetary limits and deadline commitments
  • Selecting venues and negotiating contracts
  • Procuring talent and other services as needed to ensure a successful event

RayZo Marketing, Inc.

RayZo provide digital and marketing services for large non-profits and small businesses. This page contains photos and samples of projects, events, and media highlights provided by RayZo on behalf of our clients.
RayZo Marketing, Inc.

RayZo Marketing, Inc.4 days ago

Creating clear videos is a quick and easy way to promote sales.

RayZo Marketing, Inc.

Superfood Marketplace – Allentown, PA

Superfood Marketplace weekly specials
Platano verde 15/$1.00
Arroz riceland 20lb bag only $1.99
Domino sugar 4lb $0.78
Cafe bustelo 10oz $1.99
Wesson corn oil 128 oz. $1.99
Breyers ice cream 48oz. $2.99
YoCrunch Yogurt 6oz 4/$1.00
Chicken drumstick $0.29 per lb.

Valid May 18-24, 2018, while supplies last. 704 W Emmaus Ave, Allentown, PA.
Additional purchase required for several specials. View weekly circular for details.

Mega Allentown Blooming Lives Wellness Program

RayZo Marketing, Inc.

RayZo Marketing, Inc.1 month ago

RayZo is proud to have organized this event on behalf of client Independence: A Family of Services and its East Orange Family Success Center, with ILYASAH SHABAZZ, daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz. Della Crews Anchor, News 12 NJ moderated the meet and greet portion of the book signing, and also interviewed Ilyasah. Take a look at Della’s Spotlight NJ segment with Ilyasah talking about her 4th best seller “Betty Before X.”

#MalcolmX #BettyBeforeX

RayZo Marketing, Inc.

Della Crews

Spotlight New Jersey:
ILyasah Shabazz, author
“Betty Before X”
RayZo Marketing, Inc.

RayZo Marketing, Inc.2 months ago

A very special thank you to Della Crews for moderating the “Meet & Greet the Author” event by Independence: A Family of Services. The RayZo team proudly organized the event and we are looking forward to viewing Della’s Spotlight New Jersey on April 7th and 8th at 11 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm.

In Spotlight NJ this weekend, Della will feature ILYASAH SHABAZZ and her latest best selling book “Betty Before X.” The daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz, Ilyasah answered questions about her family and her book at the book signing event.

#MalcolmX #BettyBeforeX #BrickCity #NewarkNJ #Newark #EastOrangeNJ