Digital Marketing

Digital Services and Web Marketing

Almost every marketing activity requires a web-based plan of action. No matter how small or how large a project, marketing or building awareness about your products or services will undoubtedly involve the use of the Internet.

We design and implement web-based (aka digital) initiatives using the best approaches to reaching the target audiences.  Examples of our planning elements may include social media marketing, e-mail services, web design, on-line brand development, and on-line fundraising programs.  In almost all RayZo projects, our “real-world” marketing campaigns include digital components.


Social Media Marketing

People are social. No doubt about it.  Surprisingly enough, using social media is easy when developing a plan to integrate social media marketing with your full marketing plans.   RayZo understands how to integrate social media into a full marketing plan that helps extend a brand and get people “socializing” and “talking” about your programs, services, or organization.  We know which social media services to use to support your objectives and how to integrate them effectively.

Web Development

Integrating technology and business solutions, RayZo Management helps organizations develop and manage its Internet initiatives. These services include:

  • Ensure consistency in brand identity for the company’s online presence
  • Procuring the services of a web site designer and managing the conceptualization process
  • Managing content creation, graphics, and structure of the site
  • Assisting with content updates and quality control of the web site
  • Managing content and creative development for online initiatives
  • Editorial services and review of all content posted to the site

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Online Marketing Campaigns

Using the Internet and modern technology solutions makes on-line marketing a must when maintaining a competitive edge. At RayZo, we design on-line programs and campaigns to match the marketing and branding needs of the client. A few items we produce include:

  • Websites and web development products with multiple levels of functionality
  • E-newsletters
  • E-blasts or HTML’s
  • Generating e-mail lists within regulation guidelines
  • Coordinating online programs with off-line programs

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Online Advertising Campaigns

Creating advertising programs on the web  can be more cost effective than “real-world” advertising programs. It is important to make sure all brand elements are represented properly on-line and off-line.  RayZO provides design services for print, TV, billboards, and internet advertising as well as developing coordinated campaigns for a specified period of time.

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