RayZo Corporate Profile

RayZo Marketing, Inc. (RayZo) is a full-service marketing and communications corporation, specializing in forming and implementing marketing campaigns including designing all the creatives for uses in advertising, community outreach, digital campaigns, and social media marketing. In addition, the team at RayZo brings years of experience to organizations that are seeking to create a new brand or extend their sub-brands, launch products, or build awareness of their services and programs.  At RayZo, we have a thorough understanding of how to reach new audiences (markets) using a variety of strategies such as public relations, publicity/media relations, email and texting services, rewards programs, social media marketing, advertising, outreach, program development, and more. All of these strategies require a thoroughly vetted and coordinated effort, which brings together an effective marketing campaign.  In today’s markets, with so many options to choose from, it can be extremely challenging to design, select and maintain marketing strategies that will distinguish an organization from others. We craft effective marketing programs that achieve their desired results.

Zoraya E. Lee-Hamlin
President/CEO, RayZo, Inc.

Zoraya’s core competence is serving as President/Chief Executive Officer of RayZo, Inc. a full-service marketing firm serving corporations, small businesses and large non-profit organizations primarily located in diverse or inner-city communities.

Zoraya is a client-focused and relationship-oriented professional with a solid background in marketing, communications, media relations, project management, and business development. She excels in increasing organizational productivity through creative marketing and public relations strategies.

Zoraya began her career in the non-profit industry when she joined the senior staff at the Urban League of Essex County, in 1993 after earning an MBA from Rutgers Business School. She worked in several senior staff positions and served as Interim CEO before accepting a position as a member of the Extended Cabinet of the National Urban League in 1999.  A few years later, in 2003, she founded RayZo, Inc.

She typically works with CEO’s and the senior staff of large to mid-sized businesses, corporations and large non-profit organizations.  Most of RayZo’s client hire the firm for a short period of time, but subsequently continue to use its services after experiencing positive results at low rates.  Zoraya is committed to working with groups that serve populations in communities that serve a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Services Highlights

  • Excellent proposal prospecting and production of written materials
  • Effective communication and writing skills
  • Superior and distinguished graphic design and branding services
  • Successful brand management and development
  • Creative web development and digital marketing planning
  • Exceptional marketing planning and implementation
  • Extensive media relations and PR management skills
  • Quality social media marketing
  • Enjoyable and memorable event management services (with sponsorship development)
  • Excellent proposal prospecting and production of written materials
  • Supportive CEO and Executive coaching and consultation



Before Founding RayZo, Inc.

National Urban League, New York, New York

Director of Economic Self Sufficiency and Technology Initiatives
January 2000 to November 2002

Zoraya was a member of National Urban League’s Extended Cabinet and lead the economic Self-Sufficiency and Technology Initiatives Department.  She delivered nation-wide programs, developed fund raising initiatives, and managed her department’s budgets. Most notably, she created and maintained business relationships and partnerships, produced and managed the NUL’s Internet presence and web cast of the national conference, conducted various events and seminars for Urban League CEO’s, and secured a $2.7M software grant from Microsoft Corp. and a $1.5M renewal grant from the Prudential Foundation to assist Urban League affiliates.  At that time, Zoraya served on the newly-formed National Association for Social Entrepreneurs (now known as Social Enterprise Alliance), which served as one of the first associations to recognize social entrepreneurship as business model for charitable organizations.  She assisted in developing its national conference agenda for economic development professionals and social entrepreneurs.


Interim President/CEO
Urban League of Essex County, Newark, New Jersey
January 1993 to December 1999

Prior to joining the National Urban League, Zoraya served as a member of the senior staff for this Urban League affiliate for nearly seven years.  In her last year, she served as the President/CEO and was responsible for all operations and a staff of over 40 employees.  At that time, she managed a $2.2 million budget, obtained over $623,000 in new funding and secured additional $200,000 in program renewal grants. She also implemented successful media relations and marketing strategies that resulted in numerous profitable fund raising efforts and designed and implemented data-collection procedures and a client tracking system.


Volunteer and Board Affiliation

La Casa de Don Pedro
Newark, NJ
1995 – present

Zoraya has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1995 and also serves on the board of one of its two subsidiaries, Don Pedro Development, a real estate and affordable housing development corporation. Based in Newark, NJ, La Casa is considered one of the largest charitable organization serving the Latino population, although it welcomes and serves many families in need from its surrounding communities. With more than 200 employees, 50 volunteers and an operating budget of $15 million (FY2016), La Casa handles an extensive roster of initiatives. Programs are managed by five separate divisions: Early Childhood, Youth, Family & Health, Personal Development, Community & Economic Development, and Community Improvement.

Zoraya served as the President of the Board of Directors from 2002 to 2012, serving 1 year beyond the 9-year term limit for Presidents.  She was also a member of the search committee which recruited its current director, Ray Ocasio, who is credited for growing the organization from a $2 Million budget in 1996 to $15 Million today.  Zoraya remains as a member of the Board and is very active as a director.



MBA: Business Administration ~ 1993
Rutgers Business School, Newark, New Jersey

Bachelor of Arts: Economics ~ 1985
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

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