RayZo has been lucky to work with many charitable organizations that serve families and children.  These charities range from nationally recognized high-profile organizations to smaller community-based non-profits that serve some of the most marginalized members of the community.

As we continue to struggle from the pandemic, these organizations are facing new challenges and must discover innovative ways to engage donors and find new resources.  As a result, the Rayzo team is urging friends, families, and colleagues to extend their generosity to one of these deserving organizations.

At RayZo we firmly believe in a culture of giving. People can contribute in many ways and our work with charities is motivated by our belief that everyone can give back in some form or another. Giving promotes happiness, draws us closer to others, and strengthens empathy.

As an organization, this has been our motto and purpose for over 20 years.

Below, you will find some of the non-profit organizations we work with and have organized their holiday fundraising drives.  Pick one or pick a few and discover ways you can give back. Your kindness can make a difference!

NFL Alumni

“Caring for Kids and Caring for Our Community” – The NFL Alumni Association has a nation-wide purpose of serving organizations that serve children and families, which translates into player alumni, their families, and local supporters, coming together to serve children’s charities and making a real impact in the community.


To Volunteer, check with a local chapter President


University Hospital Foundation

As the fundraising arm of University Hospital, located in Newark, NJ, the foundation’s purpose is to raise funds to advance University Hospital’s mission of improving healthcare, education, and wellness for the greater Newark community.  Funds raised support their Sustain and Serve Meal Program that provides meals to those who come to the emergency room; See Test & Treat a life-saving free cancer screening and health education program; Healthy U Centering Program provides babies, children, and adults with high-quality care and the tools necessary to thrive; and the We Care Emergency Clothing Closet.



Aslan Youth Ministries

Aslan effects permanent change in the hearts and minds of at-risk youth in Monmouth County, NJ and through their life-savings programs in Haiti.  From the moment a child comes to Aslan he or she is challenged to become a servant leader.  Aslan’s children understand what it means to be on the receiving end of charity but are rarely afforded the opportunity to appreciate what it means to serve the needs of others and to recognize their own gifts and talents to improve their own circumstances.

Aslan has a robust volunteer program

Donate to Aslan’s Christmas Fundraiser


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Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Their mission is to strengthen, empower, and equip young women and gender-expansive youth of color as agents for change in their lives and in the world. Operating at the intersections of love and rigor, Sadie Nash uses the methodology of popular education to build community, critical consciousness, and college and career readiness.




Fundraise for Sadie Nash Leadership Project

 The Apostle House

This organization is  devoted to providing comprehensive social services to homeless women with children and families at risk of homelessness in Newark and Essex County, New Jersey. The Apostles’ House has been faithfully serving this community since 1982 and celebrated its 35th year of service in 2019.


Fundraise for The Apostles’ House

Learn More About the Food Pantry at The Apostles House


John O Wilson Neighborhood Center

A non-profit organization in Hamilton Township, New Jersey that provides support services that enhances the quality of life for individuals and families. This season JOW is supporting individuals and families struggling with the ever-increasing rise in food insecurity.  Their Food Pantry provides ongoing and lifesaving nourishment to residents within Hamilton Township and Mercer County communities.




Newark Debate Academy 

The Newark Debate Academy serve as agents through the discipline and model of academic debate.   They nurture the belief that civic discourse based upon researched based argument and counter argument produces the most ethical and productive policy decisions.  The Newark Debate Academy  promotes programming and partnerships that promote rigorous academic debate activities.



HomeFirst Interfaith Housing & Family Services 

Homefirst has a long history of working with children and families in crisis, parents unable to provide basic necessities for their children, and young moms starting a family without ever having had the role models or parenting support they needed to succeed. Their services help to support and strengthen the capacity for children and families to navigate difficult times and make positive choices. Family Support and Success Centers are designed to be “one-stop” shops that provide wrap around resources and supports to families – making them and the communities they live in – stronger.  Staff serve as advocates for families and help connect them to other resources available to them.



United Way of Greater Union County

During its Season of Caring the United Way of Greater Union County seeks to help those most need. This year has been difficult on many families due to the pandemic, hurricane Ida, and other misfortunes. UWGUC is grateful to have the generous support from the community, who make it possible to continue their work as the leading nonprofit agency in Union County. This year, we are asking for your help so we can assist families that need it most.


Grant a child’s wish by purchasing a toy, which can be purchased from November 15th-December 17th. Gifts purchased from our Amazon List will be directly delivered to UWGUC then we will deliver to one of our community partners.


La Casa de Don Pedro

RayZo founder, Zoraya Lee-Hamlin has proudly served on the Board of Directors at La Casa de Don Pedro for over 25 years. La Casa has a resident-centered agenda that empowers people and builds their self-sufficiency.  Through education & economic development strategies, neighborhood revitalization initiatives, and family stabilizing programs, this agenda works to ensure that Greater Newark’s residents engage in and benefit from the region’s growth. It also guarantees that they may continue to enrich this dynamic region with their vibrant and diverse cultural identities that make the region unique.


Food Donations: Drop off non-perishable food items such as canned/boxed goods, pasta, and rice at our 75 Park Ave. location in Newark from now until December 14th, 2021.