Great weather and good company, several Superbowl Vets, Fred Baxter and several NFL friends, enjoyed Plush Vodka at the Royal Blues Plush Lounge, held during Super Bowl week at Royal Blues Resort, Deerfield Beach, FL.

WE ARE EXCITED TO INTRODUCE the long awaited and highly requested PLUSH Pure Spirit Straight Vodka. PLUSH Pure Spirit embodies the quality that each and every one of us holds true within ourselves—exceptionalism. We set out to ensure perfection through our distillation process in order to achieve an exceptional spirit knowing that nothing is less extraordinary than just doing what others have already done. This is why, while most vodkas are distilled between 4 and 6 times—which is considered to be “good enough”— PLUSH Pure Spirit is distilled 8 times, from corn grains, to deliver a distinct, refined, and oh so smooth spirit to compliment the moments in life worth toasting.

Fred Baxter is an active member of the NFL Alumni Association and serves as the Membership Chair for the Philadelphia Chapter and a life-time member of the NFL Players Association. Fred, 6’3” and 268 pounds, is a 12-year NFL veteran having appeared in 134 games with 50 starts. He has recorded 100 receptions for 1,008 yards and 12 touchdowns during his time with the New York Jets (1993-00), Chicago Bears (2001-02) and New England Patriots (2002-03). As a Patriot, Fred earned the coveted Super Bowl XXXVIII victory.  Fred’s involvement has established Plush as a vodka of choice for many country clubs chains, sporting arenas, liquor stores and more.  Fred’s next phase it to establish Plush in bars and restaurants.